Facebook Says Changes to Application Accesibility in New Profile “Definitely Not Final”

The changes to the new Facebook design that were rolled out last night, which changed the way applications are bookmarked and accessed have concerned developers today. Some developers have said that if they have trouble finding their own applications, how will users fare?

A few hours ago the Facebook Platform Team issued the following clarification:

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We’re still in progress of rolling out some features that make these even easier and make apps more discoverable and available on Facebook as well as easier to bookmark.  We’re sorry about the confusion — we’re in the midst of finalizing the feature and what you see here is definitely not final! Expect it to be out very very soon, and hope you’ll be as excited as we are.


Facebook Platform Developer Operations & Support

Developers will undoubtedly be glad and relieved to hear that news. We’ll see what takes place over the next few days.