Changes Coming To AllFacebook

I’m happy to announce the launch of a new design and new stage for AllFacebook. Over the past two years I have been building up this site to become the leading resource for everything pertaining to Facebook. For the most part this site has experienced tremendous growth but it has not come without challenges. Over the past month or so you probably noticed some issues with our statistics applications as well as other features on this site.

The main lesson learned is: build applications that are made to scale early on. The Facebook application statistics tracker didn’t have the best configuration and that combined with a massive Facebook page statistics tracker practically took down my database servers. Needless to say change is coming and that includes upgrades to all the applications as well as new services that we plan on introducing.

Kristen Nicole has been extremely helpful in getting articles up while I’ve been programming the applications on this site. Some of those applications turned out to be bigger beasts than I thought. The Facebook page statistics tracker I launched a few months ago grew from tracking 200,000 Facebook pages to around 1.2 million.

This had a serious impact on my server and I’ve now developed a distributed database system which should hopefully assist in helping this site scale as we continue to grow. As you may have noticed, I took down the Facebook page statistics at the end of last week because the burden was getting too large. While non-developers won’t care, app developers can share the pleasure in building an application so large that it crashes your servers.

While I was pleased with my new creation, MediaTemple wasn’t so pleased as I managed to take down some of their largest servers. Thankfully I’ve worked through the issues and MediaTemple continues to be a partner of ours. They have a technical staff that can answer the questions any developer has in mission critical situations. Fortunately for me our page tracker isn’t mission critical and taking it offline for a few days to undergo an upgrade isn’t a complete disaster.

As you’ll notice if you browse around the site now, some areas don’t have the new design. I will be upgrading those areas (including the Application Statistics area) to have the new design but it was easier to make this a phased roll out since I’m the one programming it all. I’m also lucky to have the services of JESS3 who’s a partner of Social Times and AllFacebook. Jesse and his team are behind the design of both our sites and the events we host (including last year’s Social Ad Summit).

Since this is a phased roll-out there may be some minor bugs in the system so please let me know if you find any. We’ll also be touching up the design. Thanks again for reading this site and thanks to all of the sponsors (Offerpal, Social Media, SuperRewards, SocialCash, and adParlor) for helping us keep this site up and running. I couldn’t keep the site running without your support!

I’m looking forward to the next phase of AllFacebook and I hope you will continue to be a part of this growing community. Thanks again!

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