Long A** Memo Details Changes at CQ Roll Call

We’re sick to death of trying to figure out if it’s CQ or Roll Call or CQ Roll Call or Roll Call CQ. So that’s it. From here on out it’s CQ Roll Call. If anyone doesn’t like it, they can complain to FishbowlDC’s Complaint Dept. at FishbowlPeter@gmail.com.

So here’s the news…there are staff changes within CQ Roll Call‘s Legislative Tracking team. The big announcement, as far as we can tell from the manifesto-like memo from Director of Legislative Tracking Pete H. King (not to be confused with the outspoken Republican congressman from New York), is that Christina Parisi is now in charge of their CQ Schedules product and the Roll Call day book. She joined the pub five years ago and has done every possible thankless, complex-sounding job in the world there, including learning 16 different products about God knows what. In short, she’s totally earned this new impressive-sounding gig.

Nell Benton is also getting a promotion. She has been an indexer in their library since the Stone Age (mid 90s) and now joins Leg Info (whatever that is). She’ll be supporting Parisi in her new role. She has an undergraduate degree in Russian from Duke, which should come in handy when they translate the Day Book into Russian.

Another promotion: Sara Smith, who moves to the Legislative Action editing team. In the memo they shower her with compliments — she’s the go-to editor and works well under tight deadlines. Most importantly, she’s sandwiched in between Noella Kertes and Matt Korade and sits in Greg Vadala’s old cubicle — let’s hope he had good hygiene.

Two brand new hires are Cristina Marcos (survived an internship at Fox News and The Hill) and Katherine Tully-McManus (a former CQ intern and former fellow at the Pentagon). Both sound smart — Marcos graduated from the College of William and Mary; Tully-McManus graduated from Tufts.

See the memo….

Hello all. I’m very pleased to announce some staffing changes within our Legislative Tracking team.

Christina Parisi has taken over leadership of our CQ Schedules product and the Roll Call daybook. Christina joined CQ as a researcher on our documents team in 2008 before taking over that team and our transcripts products the following year. In 2010 she and Clayton Hanson co-edited the newly branded CQ Hot Docs product before she became Bob Healy’s deputy in CQ Schedules one year later. Christina has been a true team player in Pat Joy’s Legislative Information group, learning all 16 products and filling in wherever necessary since she joined us five years ago.

Nell Benton has joined Leg Info and will report to Pat as well. Nell, who many of you may not know has an undergraduate degree in Russian from Duke and an MLS from Vanderbilt, started with CQ in the mid-1990s as an indexer in our library at 1414 22nd St. Jan Austin and Nell took over the CQ Weekly’s research team a few years later and Nell has worked in our Member Information and Research group for the past few years. Nell is already helping Christina on Schedules and several of Pat’s other products while continuing to support Tim Yoder’s team.

Sara Smith has moved over to the Legislative Action editing team fresh off finishing up production of the latest edition of Politics in America. Sara joined CQRC in 2010 as a copy and production editor on the CQ desk and quickly became a “go to” editor as the desk moved increasing amounts of copy under tight deadlines. She worked previously at the Carroll County Times and the Delaware Wave and has an undergraduate degree from Lebanon Valley College and a master’s degree in journalism from Syracuse University. Sara now sits in Greg Vadala’s old cubicle between Noella Kertes and Matt Korade.

Two new reporters will be sending legislative action copy Sara’s way from their positions in Legislative Tracking. Cristina Marcos, who joined the newsroom at the start of the year as a Legislative Action intern, joined the team (and CQRC) in a permanent position at the end of May. Cristina has an undergraduate degree in government from the College of William and Mary, and her past internships include stints covering Congress for Fox News Channel and The Hill. Cristina has moved to Emma Dumain’s old desk in the CQ reporters’ area.

Katherine Tully-McManus returns to the Legislative Action reporting corps today. Katherine, who earned her undergraduate degree in political science from Tufts, completed a two-term stint as an intern with the Action team in 2011. She spent last summer as a fellow at the Pentagon working in acquisitions, and once they discovered she could read legislation, she ended up tracking budget appeals from different branches and DOD offices and organizing and cataloguing 10 years of budget data and congressional hearing testimony for the folks over there. [Yes, she is a CQ person.] Katherine is sitting at Matt Fuller’s old desk in the CQ reporters’ area.

Please join me in congratulating Christina, Nell and Sara on their new roles and in welcoming Cristina and Katherine to the team full-time.