Chronicles President Elect Obama's Road to Presidency

By now, the victory celebration for President-elect Obama’s resounding victory may still not be over. And since we are all aware that the online world has contributed to President-elect Obama’s successful campaign and election, his technology advisors are not resting on their laurels and have launched will be President-elect Obama’s official transition site as he gradually assumes his office in the coming days. The site will have its own blog section which would chronicle highlights of Obama’s assumption into office, Obama’s agenda, profile of the Obama administration, a job opportunities page which invite those who wants to work with the Obama Administration, a community service section called “America Saves”, a guestook/forum of some sort called “American Moment” where anyone can share their stories and vision for the future, and a newsroom section. looks a pretty simple online site which in time would definitely evolve into a bigger, more interactive and go-to site for everyone who wants to learn about the Obama Administration.

If you want to take a glimpse of what’s in-store for the technology industry under the Obama administration, is a good sample. It’s not your usual static informational government site, but rather a rich, interactive social networking-induced government site.

It’s a pretty good start for President-elect Obama. And it’s a great way to tell the world, that the tech industry is still a top priority for the new government.