Challenge Games is a New Developer of Casual Social MMOs

Every couple of years, a different genre of game takes precedent over the rest, but it is only in recent years that MMO games has skyrocketed beyond almost anyone’s expectations. However, with the overwhelming hold games such as World of Warcraft have on the market, companies are forced to find new ways to compete.

Challenge Games is a developer of online social games that employs different methodologies to compete with behemoths such as WoW, Everquest, or Warhammer. The goal of Challenge games is to create online, short-form games that are free, challenging, fun, easy to play, and can provide progression regardless as to whether you are a hardcore or casual gamer. Unlike the high-commitment MMO titles currently in circulation, Challenge Games’ titles can be played in 3-10 minute increments at anytime, from anywhere.

Currently, the company has two titles released. The first title is Duels, a player vs player (PvP) based, asynchronous game available on both through the company’s website as well as Facebook. The game combines the social elements of any standard MMO with strategic elements of a collectible card game (CCG) such as Magic: The Gathering. Within the game, players can customize their character, duel other players, gain special abilities, and acquire collectible items and rewards.

The second title by Challenge Games is Baseball Boss. This game is the most recent release by the company, and combines similar elements from Duels with the history and tradition of America’s pastime. However, this application utilizes a more fantasy sports style for game play rather than the PvP gameplay of Duels.

The success of these titles have enticed the interests of investors as well. On September 18, the company announced the securing of $10 million in Series B funding. This round is currently being led by Globespan Capital Partners, with additional participation from Series A investor Sequoia Capital as well as other existing investors.

Globespan Vice President Eugene Yoo says, “Challenge Games is addressing a real need in the market.” While fun to play, not everyone has the time to invest into today’s popular MMO titles. Challenge Games is solving this issue with game designs that are not only engaging but appealing to both the casual and hardcore crowd.

Andrew Busey, CEO of Challenge Games says, “This funding further demonstrates that we are bringing innovation and value to the gaming industry, [and this will] help us accelerate the growth of our business through the development of new games, explore partnership opportunities and potential for acquisitions.”

With this new funding, it will be exciting to see just what’s coming down the pipe from Challenge Games.