Central New York Native Talks About Her ‘#SELFIE’ Stardom

From one DJ to another.

That’s the unusual media slant framing Syracuse Post-Standard entertainment writer Geoff Herbert’s interview with model Lindsey Diane Alton, the lip-synching star of YouTube music video viral smash “#SELFIE.” The song started out as a joke for the NYC DJ duo of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall (a.k.a. The Chainsmokres). Eighty-five million views along, this meta ditty has hit number one on Billboard‘s Dance/Electronic charts and, now, garnered coverage from – we’re pretty sure – the only entertainment newspaper writer who is also a deaf DJ. From Herbert’s deafgeoff.com bio:

Let’s get the obvious out of the way – yes, I’m really deaf… I was born with a profound binaural hearing loss and I hear about 10% as well as the average person. However, with hearing aids, lipreading, context and visual cues people often forget that I’m really hard of hearing.

I’m an entertainment reporter for Syracuse Media Group, the home of syracuse.com and the Post-Standard newspaper… I also work as a disc jockey and DJ parties, dances, weddings, clubs, bar mitzvahs, sporting events and more.

In the article, model Alton has some fun comments about taking selfies with fans and shares some of the keys to a “nailed” selfie. Read DJ Geoff’s full piece here.

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