Chain Rxn Growing Phenomenally, Now a Top 10 Facebook Game

Chain Rxn, a Facebook gaming application developed by Zwigglers, has been enjoying phenomenal growth over the last 30 days. According to AppData, this simple flash-based app grew from less than 400K monthly active users (MAU) in April to over 3.7 million today.

In the Games category, Chain Rxn has now earned a spot in the top ten, consistently making appearances in the daily and weekly gainers leaderboards. For such a simple flash game, the rate at which users are playing and sharing the game is impressive.

In the last 30 days, 800% MAU growth:

In the game, users play within a gray rectangle filled with colorful balls and earn points by exploding the balls via a series of chain reactions. The game is intended to be simple, fun, and relaxing. Users can then compare their scores with their friends or invite other friends to play.

While Chain Rxn is by no means a sophisticated gaming app, casual game developers may want to check it out. For many Facebook users out there, it seems that simpler is better.