Chaatz Social Messaging App Encourages Connections with Users Around the World


Social messaging platform Chaatz has been updated with new features across iOS and Android. Specifically, a new Chaatz Connect features makes the app even more social than before, encouraging users to meet other people through the platform based on their location in the real world. Rather than focus on location in terms of cities and even individual streets, the app separates users by countries, with Chaatz Connect featuring users in 60 countries so far.

screenshot_ChaatzConnect_03The overall Chaatz platform gives users a hub for communicating with others on both a personal or professional level. Users can create multiple profiles within the app for each of their phone numbers, with the goal being to eliminate the possibility of accidentally sending a personal message to a professional contact (or vice versa).

“We are extremely excited to introduce a new and easier way for people to connect with others from around the world,” said Richard Cheung, founder and CEO of Chaatz. “Chaatz Connect promotes openness and connectivity between individuals. It breaks down social barriers and allows people to meet and interact with others from various walks of life, in a secure and controlled environment.”

After signing up, users are assigned a Chaatz number, which means their actual telephone numbers are kept hidden behind this alias unless they wish to share the information with others.

In addition to Chaatz Connect, the app has been updated with support for filters on photos, a Chaatz emojis system for adding emoticons and characters to in-app text conversations, support for seeing when other users are typing and the ability to auto-save any photo shared within a conversation.

Chaatz is available to download for free on iOS and Android.