CES 2008: Fans Lead Digital Music Industry

Even as the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) continues in Las Vegas, analysis of the event is beginning to pour in. Macworld in particular has a solid report on the state of digital music in the U.S., as music executives debate the declining fortunes of the music industry and figure out where to go next. The answer most likely lies with the music fans.

“2008 has to be the year we get real or the business as we know it goes away,” said Fred Goldring, an entertainment attorney with Goldring Hertz & Lichtenstein LLP. He said that consumers will access music regardless of whether artists, labels, publishers and digital-music distributors approve of the means or receive money from the exchange.

Unfortunately, there are no clear cut answers yet, as different parties try out different revenue models, such as Radiohead’s gamble with its latest album In Rainbows, and the welcome removal of copy protection from online music stores.

CES: Digital music industry challenged to follow fans’ lead [Macworld]