CEO of TheLadders Talks About Its Top Ranked Job Search App

Last month, TheLadders released its native iOS app, “Job Search by TheLadders.”

In merely one week it rose to the top spot in the free and business categories in the App Store. We knew they had to be onto something so we sat down with the CEO to get the scoop.

Alex Douzet, CEO and co-founder explains the significance of job searching via a mobile app: “What’s the last thing you do at night before you go to bed? You turn off the light and intend to look at your phone.”

He adds, “You could be on a subway, on a train, you could be at dinner, so it gives you access to our platform and it gives recruiters access to our potential candidates.”

Essentially, the days of spending more than 30 minutes on a lengthy job application are long over. In the amount of time it takes to post a status update on Facebook, you could switch your time to applying to a job online. Seriously.

Here’s the cool thing in addition to the convenience factor: There’s no search box. The app pulls jobs for you based on your preferences.

Once we watched the demo with its one tap technology, we were hooked. Every time you log onto the app, it will send you the most recent new jobs. You can tap the icon to revisit it later or simply tap “thumbs up” to “like” the opportunity. In turn, that immediately alerts the hiring manager.

Plus, you can see information surrounding other candidates who have applied to the job, their educational and work history and salaries, along with other jobs they applied to. Names are anonymous, of course.

“It demonstrates the power of mobile to mobile connections,” he points out. “If you rely solely on this [points to computer], the delay factor we’re looking at is not even hours, days sometimes weeks to hear back. This is speeding up the rate of recruiting. It’s instant.”