Center for Public Integrity Worries About Jolie ‘Leak’

Though FishbowlDC sources have confirmed that Angelina Jolie is merely considering attending the Jan. 20 luncheon at the National Press Club, the Center for Public Integrity’s Media Relations Manager felt the need to send us this. This falls clearly into the category of Only in Washington

I read your post “Be on Lookout for Jolie” and I wanted to clarify that nothing has been confirmed at all and it’s highly unlikely she’ll be attending our event at the National Press Club on the 20th. I did reach out to her manager last week and shared information about the event via phone, email and by letter, which included an invitation, but it is very unlikely she’ll be attending. Jolie’s portrayal of Danny Pearl’s wife in A Mighty Heart clearly was the motivation for extending the invitation, along with her work as a UN Humanitarian Ambassador. I have not received any confirmation from Jolie’s manager and hope her manager does not think that this information was leaked by the Center.

Steve Carpinelli
Media Relations Manager
Center for Public Integrity

Note to Mr. Carpinelli: I do not think Jolie’s manager will suffer any hyperventilating or undue duress on our post that the actress is considering attending the Pearl briefing. I know it seems out of this world impossible, but Jolie’s manager and those close to the actress may in fact talk to others in Washington aside from the Center for Public Integrity’s media department. I know, the horror.

> Update #1: The drama continues. Steve, my new friend, sends me this:

I doubt her manager talked to others in DC, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps up with newsworthy topics of interest that originate in DC.

There are no additional plans to reach out to Jolie and her manager. It was a simple invitation that I knew from the start had a very small chance of materializing into an actual appearance. Would you mind my asking you how you heard about this?

Note to Mr. Carpinelli: Actually, yes, I do mind. I cannot tell you who told me. But I am impressed (in a sickly sort of way) by your notion that Jolie’s manager doesn’t talk to anyone in D.C. other than the Center for Public Integrity’s media department. Are you trying to give me a good laugh?