Center for Public Integrity Taps The Miami Herald’s Ronnie Greene as Environment Reporter

The Miami Herald investigations and government editor Ronnie Greene joined The Center for Public Integrity as environment reporter.

Greene had been leading the investigation team and coverage of Miami-Dade County and the city of Miami, after spending a decade with the newspaper, where his accomplishments included exposés on the air cargo industry, slavery of agricultural workers, and the fate of juveniles in prison, as well as serving as the lead writer for the Herald‘s Pulitzer-finalist investigation of the Columbia space shuttle accident, and on the reporting team for its coverage of Elian Gonzalez.

CPI executive director William E. Buzenberg said:

Ronnie Greene is a world-class investigative reporter at the top of his game, and I am delighted to have him join us to help with our expanding environmental investigative portfolio.

Executive editor John Solomon added:

Digging for the truth is in Ronnie’s blood. His body of work has had enormous impact, and I’m confident he will fit right in here in Washington.

And Greene said:

I’m gratified to be joining the Center for Public Integrity, a place that truly understands the promise and power of investigative reporting.