A Son Pays Tribute to His Deceased Filipino Filmmaker Father

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like the power of Facebook when it comes to electronically capturing and conveying a moment of raw emotion. There are far more than 140 characters available, if needed, and when properly curated by the account holder, the social network can still provide a relatively intimate way to quickly get the word out to close friends.

Such was the case late Sunday with Christopher Ad Castillo (pictured). Reacting to the death of his 69-year-old father, veteran Filipino filmmaker Celso Ad Castillo, the LA-based artist shared a heartfelt OPEN LETTER about his dad. The post includes a rather remarkable statement of posthumous support:

As I sit here and pen this missive, I always think back to a night in San Francisco over two decades ago that truly defined who he was. When for the first time, he explained to me the reason why our family broke apart.

We were living in Las Vegas at that time when he came to join us for good but decided to leave after a couple of months back to the Philippines. He told me that he made the hardest decision of his life. He had to choose between his art and his family and he chose his art. And from that decision came some of the greatest films cinema has ever seen. I have never begrudged my father for what he did. I have never questioned his love for us. I have always understood him and felt sadness that he was put in that situation…

Read Castillo’s full Facebook post here. Dad was at work not just on his autobiography but also another film. RIP.

[Photo courtesy LinkedIn]