Cellyspace Debuts MMS Tools for Classified Ads

Mobile advertising tool portal Cellyspace has come out with a new offering for classified and directory ads that let advertisers send rich multimedia slideshows to potential customers via MMS.


Using the new “Send-to-Phone” feature sounds like a fairly easy process. First, the advertiser creates a slideshow. Next, the system automatically generates a Call-To-Action (CTA) for the multimedia message. Then, the advertiser places a text-to-keyword CTA in related print ads and a link or an HTML CTA in related Web ads. Consumers then either text or click to receive the MMS.

The company claims that the self-service tools don’t require any training. It’s pretty cheap, too. Advertisers only pay 20 cents for each MMS that’s sent to a phone; the content creation, conversion and storage is all free.