Cellufun Adds Real Stores To Mobile Virtual World

geoff&drews1.jpgCellufun, whose mobile virtual world mixes social media with game play, has added a new dimension to its community – shopping!

Within the Cellufun world, members create avatars who interact with each other in multi-player games and other group activities to advance and earn points. Now players can take the Cellupoints they win and spend them at the virtual CelluMall.

The first store in the mall is a virtual bakery, sponsored by the “real” online bakery Geoff & Drew’s, where players can buy their avatars virtual cookies, brownies and other goodies. According to Cellufun, this is the first time product placements are making an appearance in a mobile virtual world. Players can also make gifts of the baked delights to their Cellufun friends.

In an interesting twist, the company is merging the virtual and real worlds with click-to-dial ads and coupons from the real Geoff & Drew’s within the game world.

“The CelluMall will allow gamers to further interact with one another and reap greater rewards for excellent game play, while at the same time allowing real stores to reach targeted customers for advertising within our games,” Cellufun co-founder and CEO Arthur Goikhman said about the launch.