Celio Redfly Project 1: Major Driver Update for Windows Mobile Terminal

Celio Redfly C8 and HTC TyTn
The Celio Redfly is essentially a portable dumb terminal for Windows Mobile smartphones. It can be tethered to a Windows Mobile smartphone either using Bluetooth or a USB cable. A special drive on the smartphone then lets the Redfly be used as terminal providing a relatively large screen (8 inches in the case of the C8 model pictured above) along with a large-ish QWERTY keyboard. I bought one for myself earlier this year and found it interesting but a bit sluggish.
Celio recently announced the release of a major new driver update for the Redfly firmware…
Driver Update News
Celio tells us that this upgrade increases communication speed for both USB and Bluetooth connections. It also adds support for 18 additional Windows Mobile smartphones. I’m planning on updating the firmware on my Redfly in the next day or two and see for myself if performance has improved noticeably.