Celebuzz is the Social Network for Celebraholics

celebuzz_logo.jpgI didn’t know that there is no social community dedicated to celebrities yet until I read News.com’s coverage of Celebuzz. I know for a fact that celebrity blogs like Pere Hilton and Popsugar have made it big, but yeah, I could not recall any social network in the showbiz/celebrity niche indeed. So, Celebuzz seems to be a promising social network site then.Founded by celebreholics themselves, the founder of Celebuzz created the site to provide a social networking community for celebreholics – or simply those who live and breathe showbizness and the celebrities that belong to the industry.


Celebuzz wants to be the most comprehensive source for celebrity media. And it looks like its got all the makings of becoming one, sooner than we think. What if you have a successful sister site such as Buzznet to back you up?

Celebuzz got celebrity bloggers, industry experts, paparazzi in the wild and even some actual celebrities.

And to participate in the community, you can contribute your own juicy celebrity news, send in your celebrity reviews, participate in celebrity-related polls, send in celebrity photos, videos and other materials that you have of your favorite or even most hated celebrities.

On the technical side, Celebuzz is fun to visit, with large photos of your favorite celebrities and all the works. It’s got a subpage for news, photos, celebrities, couples, sightings, fashion and what-have-yous.

If you’re a celebreholic, you’ll definitely love Celebuzz. If you are not, this might be the right time to get into the juicy world of showbizzness.