Celebs–They’re Just Like Us, Only Not Paid By the Word

FBLA tardily applauds all the show folk who are brave enough to blog. Puttin’ it out there, keepin’ it real, and/or maintained by an army of interns, celebrity blogs can be hours of fun, especially if you’re a little high after lunch.

Moby has a plain-wrap journal, and it does seem to be written by him. Alas.

Whereas Barbra Streisand’s is depressingly corporate. No new Truth Alerts, because no one writes about her anymore.

Will The View let Rosie keep her site up? The poetry isn’t our taste, but her Mike Douglas tribute is surprisingly moving:

sweet kind funny loving
/a dreamed up dad
picture perfect/he sang during lunch/
talked about totie and merv

Melanie Griffith has everything but clouds of slightly stale but still intoxicating scent, wafting out of the keyboard. Her voice would be good for use in machinima, too.

William Shatner’s needs to be updated, but Asia Carrera could take a little break to good effect.

Wil Wheaton has moved from quasi-celeb to real writer, so his inclusion isn’t quite fair to the others.

But FBLA is seriously, seriously jealous of 50 Cent. It’s not so much the writing, but the effects are just great. Go ahead–click on home, news or tour and watch your office mates jump out of their chairs.

Why can’t we have that?