5 Tech Celebs You Should Be Following on Quora

So, who are the top 5 celebs you should follow on Quora?

Like all social media sites, the main draw of Quora is not only the opportunity to have questions answered, but also, to connect with people. As is often the case, it is particularly exciting to add those who you wouldn’t normally meet or have access to in “real life” – such as celebrities. So, who are the top 5 celebs you should follow on Quora?

The answer to this question requires a bit of a preface. Though Quora is gaining popularity by the minute, it is still a relatively new social media site, and, as such, it doesn’t yet have the high profile celebrity presence that sites like Twitter and Facebook do. None the less, there are some big names on the site, and, if you’re willing to stretch the definition of the word “celebrity” a bit, the list quickly grows.

1)Â   Ashton Kutcher. He is well known for his active use of social media. According to Listorious, Kutcher ranks in the top ten for the most followers on Twitter, and, up until last week when he was overtaken by Kim Kardashian, he was in the top five. He and his wife Demi Moore are known for actively participating in social media and sharing their lives and thoughts with followers. So, it’s no surprise that Kutcher is one of the first major celebrities to join Quora. That said, he’s not particularly active.

2)Â   Mark Cuban. The American Entrepreneur is probably best known for owning the NBA basketball team the Dallas Mavericks. A controversial figure in the NBA who has be fined numerous times for yelling at referees and making disparaging remarks about the league, his answers on the site mostly have to do with business. He’s relatively active, and gives well thought-out responses, so for entrepreneurs (and possibly Mavericks fans), he’s definitely worth following.

3)Â   Werner Vogels. This is one for the internet savvy, but he’s a big name none the less. He is the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Amazon, and he actually answers questions, which, if you ask me, is pretty darned cool.

4)Â   Dennis Crowley. He is the he co-founder of Foursquare and has been placed on several top entrepreneurs lists. Before Foursquare, he also created dodgeball.com. He tends to answer Foursquare questions (shocking!), but he also has some very interesting things to say about start-ups.

5)Â   Charlie Cheever/Marc Bodnick. Cheever is one of the co-founders of Quora, and Bodnick is the most recent addition to the Quora team after leaving Elevation Partners. Though not yet household names, if Quora takes off the way Facebook did, they could easily be the next Mark Zuckerbergs. More importantly, in part because it’s their job and their site, they both answer huge numbers of questions.

As this list reveals, there are some big names on Quora; however, it’s still a relatively niche site, and, as such, most of the biggest names aren’t household names. They are tech wizards, entrepreneurs, and social media tycoons. However, as the site grows, this list is bound to change and grow. Which celebrity would you most like to see answering questions on Quora?