Celebrity Wedding Planner Throws Brickbat at the Media

Even though Yifat Oren (pictured) prefers not to be referred to as a “celebrity wedding planner,” that moniker has stuck because of her A-list clientele. Today, in what appears to be her first and only blog entry on the HuffingtonPost, she criticizes the constant media frenzy that surrounds major Hollywood nuptials.

Oren feels that today’s constant coverage of celebrities chips away at the self-worth of the audience-at-large. She also recalls that while working the Kevin Costner wedding in Aspen, Colorado, she was astounded when she finally caught sight of a hillside filled with photographers wielding telephoto lenses:

I thought to myself, what is it these people are trying to capture? What story are they trying to tell? Having witnessed celebrity nuptials several times since that day, I can attest to the following; there is no special story, celebrity weddings are like all other weddings, they have snafus, annoying family members, bouquets that need to be fixed, toasts you could have lived a lifetime without. It’s a wedding, that’s it, no more nor less. If you are still vested in fairytales, may I suggest the Brothers Grimm, they were my favorite.

Here, Oren may have accidentally hit on the very reason people pay attention to such affairs. Today’s Kardashian-Humphries-type unions have taken the place of fairy tales of old, and the media has replaced the kindly old people who use to spin those yarns.

[Photo courtesy: YifatOren.com]