Celebrity Twitter Quitters

With Chris Brown’s recent highly publicized departure from and return to Twitter following a controversial feud with comedian Jenny Johnson, we thought it might be a good time to take a look at some other celebrity Twitter quitters, and why they left.

Miley Cyrus quit Twitter back in 2009 after, as she says in this video she posted about leaving Twitter, she wanted to start “living for moments instead of living for people.” She’s since returned.

• Adele quit Twitter in November after news broke that the singer had given birth, and Twitter trolls started bombarding the site with disgusting insults.

• Alec Baldwin quit Twitter for the second time this past July after getting married to Hilaria Thomas. He remains active via his foundation, @ABFoundation.

• John Mayer claimed in June 2010 that he was done with Twitter, and deleted his account; but like the “tweetaholic” that he admits to being, he rejoined.

• Sinead O’Connor did away with her Twitter account after being called out for tweeting dark thoughts back in 2011.

Charlie Sheen, he of #TigerBlood fame, set a world record for amassing a million Twitter followers faster than anyone else, but called it a day back in July this summer.

Of course, it’s not just celebrities who decide to quit Twitter after joining the platform. Twitter’s high drop-out rate for new users is well documented.

Over on the Daily Kos, this technology librarian from Dallas wrote about deciding to leave Twitter based on the flack that came his way from engaging in debates about politics.

Indeed, certain practices on Twitter can make for an unpleasant experience – we’ve written before about ignoring your Twitter critics.

But as the fickleness noted above implies – quitting, returning, quitting again – sometimes the siren call of that little blue bird overrides any resolve to avoid it.

In a world where social media plays an integral role in daily communication, it might just be too hard to stay away.

(Chris Brown image from Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)