Report: Brands Doling Out $10,000 Per Tweet To Celebrities

A new report published last week shows that celebrity Twitter users can earn up to $10,000 per tweet. It’s an astronomical number, but one that’s been confirmed by Steve Richards of Yomego, who wrote a new report on measuring Social Media ROI.   He has collected information about the revenue streams that come from social media, especially for traditional businesses.

The report begins with the numbers we know, but are staggering none-the-less: “Facebook has over 350m active users (with 130 friends each), spending 55 minutes each day during which they post 40m+ status updates. Twitter has its critics, but 27.3m tweets are sent each day (10bn a year)”. With the number of Facebook users increasing to over 400 million since the report was published combined with a whopping 10 billion Twitter status updates per year, it’s clear that social media is important for any company. Social media is where the audience is spending its time.

Looking at Dell specifically, we see that “Dell’s main Twitter account now has over 1.5 million followers, and last year they made more than $6.5 million in orders for PCs, accessories and software through promotions on Twitter (source: Bloomberg, Dec 8)”. Dell’s strategy reflects an ongoing company philosophy: connect with users where they live. This has been the case ever since Dell first started accepting telephone orders.

Another interesting statistic in the paper is the discussion of BlendTec, who increased their sales 500% by creating smart viral videos entitled “Will it Blend”, and gaining 4 million views for demonstrating that an iPhone will indeed, blend (this is a must-watch). Steve also looks at Twitter celebrities, who use the service to net an estimated $10,000 per tweet. This is used by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Guy Kawasaki and more. You can read more about here.

While you can go read the report here, these are some of the most interesting statistics:

  • Facebook has over 400 million active users (with 130 friends each)
  • Users are spending 55 minutes each day during which they post 40m+ status updates
  • Twitter has its critics, but 27.3 million tweets are sent each day (10 billion a year)