Celebrity Slots review

Celebrity Slots is a new Facebook game from casino game specialists Product Madness. It’s available now for anyone to play, and is presently enjoying a featured spot on the front page of the social network’s App Center.

Celebrity Slots

Despite the name, Celebrity Slots has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with celebrities and is instead a rather conventional collection of 16 different virtual slot machines, all of which are of the simplistic multi-line variety seen in all other Facebook-based slot machine sims. Each game features a unique aesthetic, available number of lines and maximum bet along with its own selection of infrequently-occurring bonus games. Basic gameplay, as ever for the genre, consists largely of repeatedly clicking the “Spin” button over and over again and hoping winning combinations come up. Some visual interest is added by animated items on the reels and the ability to share big wins on one’s Timeline, but other than that the core gameplay is very conventional and rather dull.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 9.25.41 AMThings get a little better and more interactive when the player has the opportunity to play one of the bonus games on each machine. In their most simplistic form, these simply involve picking one of several symbols to collect the prize within, but in some cases they are marginally more complex gambling challenges — for example, the Keystone Cops-style “Bobby 7s” machine features a “higher or lower” game in which a spinner stops on a number and the player must determine whether or not the next number will be larger or smaller than the previous. The more successful guesses, the more the prize pot for the bonus game inflates, potentially up to 500 times its normal size in this specific case. These bonus games add some welcome variety to the boring slot machine gameplay, but occur far too infrequently to keep things interesting.

The game features a progression system of sorts to encourage repeat play. Each machine features a meter that gradually fills with each spin. When the meter is filled, the player earns a star and a soft currency bonus, then it empties and must be filled four more times to “complete” the machine, with each subsequent star requiring more spins to fill the meter. The machines are gradually unlocked as the player earns particular total numbers of stars, giving this mechanic a similar feel to a more conventional leveling system, but without forcing players into playing higher-stakes machines to earn enough experience to progress.

The game’s social features are largely limited to a friends leaderboard at the bottom of the screen tracking how many stars the player and their slots-playing friends have earned, and this also allows players to ask their friends for free soft currency via a post on their Timeline. Rather peculiarly, the player can even ask themselves for coins via this method, though clicking the link in this case does not provide a bonus. Having more friends playing also allows players to earn a larger bonus via the “Daily Spin” mechanic, which provides a free random quantity of soft currency each day.

Celebrity Slots

Ultimately, Celebrity Slots is disappointing not only because it is yet another very conventional, unimaginative slots game on the social network, but also because Product Madness has proven in the past that it’s capable of trying something a bit different with this oversaturated genre. Team Slots wasn’t perfect and was still the same old multi-line slot machine sim at its core, but it at least tried to do something a bit different with its social, cooperative gameplay; Celebrity Slots, meanwhile, does very little to distinguish itself from the enormous number of very similar rival titles out there.

Celebrity Slots currently occupies the 100,000+ MAU tier with a rank of 813 and an estimated MAU figure of 318,750, and the 50,000+ DAU tier with a rank of 635 and an estimated DAU figure of 62,623. Follow its progress with AppData, our tracking service for social games and developers.


Yet another slots game that does very little new or noteworthy.