What Happens When A Celebrity Retweets You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It wasn’t until celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Oprah decided to embrace Twitter that the 140 character network really took off. And celebrity influence on our favorite social networks hasn’t ebbed since.

The millions of followers, the massive influence and the high profile status of celebrities make them a powerful force on Twitter. So what happens when one of your tweets gets retweeted by a Twit-lebrity?

The folks at talkSPORT (@talkSPORT) had the good fortune to see one of their tweets retweeted by Piers Morgan, whose influence and 2.4 million followers helped propel it to spectacular heights.

talkSPORT tweeted a spoof video they made featuring Morgan and Arsene Wenger, which was well-received by their 204,000 followers. It initially got 20 retweets and 6 favorites within a few hours.

But one of those retweets sparked a monster wave of virality that we all hope for with our 140 character brilliance.

Morgan retweeted the video to his more than 2 million followers, which pumped up the reweet count to 177 and the favorites to 83.

And, while you might think that 177 retweets is respectable but nothing to write home about, consider the impact that Morgan’s tweet had on the number of visitors who actually watched the video: over 35 percent of total traffic to the URL was from Twitter.

You can take a look at talkSPORT’s happy celebrity encounter below:

(Infographic courtesy of talkSPORT; Paparazzi image via Shutterstock)