Celebrity Publicists Battle A New Kind of ‘Reporter,’ The ‘Club Girl’

As if celebrity publicists needed another challenge, now they have to deal with “club girls,” attractive women who are paid by tabloids to hang out at celebrity hot spots and “report” back their findings the next morning.
The arrangement certainly isn’t new, but the Los Angeles Times did shed some light on it in a recent feature.
Ken Baker, E! Entertainment Network’s chief news correspondent told the Times about the “club girl” reporters, “They need to get access…In this case, it’s not having a [press] credential. It’s having the look.”
Of course, it all comes down to publicity:

An unspoken part of the job is providing a windfall of free publicity for the nightclubs in which the reporters ply their trade. The women cultivate cozy relationships with promoters, doormen and other velvet rope guardians who ensure the reporters are whisked into the VIP area ASAP.

[h/t Gawker]