Celebrity PR: How to Keep That Icon Sheen


Contrary to popular belief, silence may still sometimes be golden when it comes to image management. Portfolio.com writes about the choices celebrities are making in addressing public issues that have the potential to rattle their brands. It points to Lady Gaga, who shut down the fan forum section of her site and didn’t Tweet in response to accusations last week, and to Tiki Barber, who rose and fell, the piece says, as his “escapades” negatively affected business.

It contrasts their “lay low” approach with the well-known public apology, quoting Shawn McBride, vice president and director of client service of Ketchum Sports & Entertainment Public Relations, on the option. “A public apology tour is often what tarnished celebrities do when they’re ready to reenter the public eye and reclaim their marketability potential.”

And it doesn’t rule out comebacks, pointing to the charges against Britney Spears and how they have been handled to give her a chance at reclaiming positive public opinion.