Celebrity Interview Review: Jamie Foxx in Los Angeles Confidential

Los Angeles Confidential, the magazine so awful it makes Los Angeles Magazine look like the New York Times Sunday Magazine, features an interview with Jamie Foxx in its new issue. Interviewer Dennis Hensley makes a weird poor-man’s-Vanity Fair-self-referential gambit:

LAC: I interviewed Halle Berry after she had played Dorothy Dandridge, and she told me there was a dress of Dorothy’s that she tried on that fit her so perfectly it was almost spooky. Did you have any moments like that on Ray?

Take a guess. Did Foxx answer “yes”, “no”, or “what was that about me wearing a dress?”

Two questions later, Hensley shifts gears. Instead of trying to clumsily insert himself into the conversation, he reiterates what sounds an awful lot like a spiel from Foxx’s publicist. But Hensley, being a journalist, phrases it like a question. Because that’s what journalists do:

LAC: Your grandmother, who raised you, put you in piano lessons when you were five years old. Do you think you ever could have played that part if you hadn’t had a musical background?

With a penchant for asking hard-hitting questions like that, Hensley clearly has a future in the White House press corps.