Celebrity, General Distaste for the Paparazzi Help Alec Baldwin

Even when his hot temper and itchy Twitter fingers gets him into trouble, Alec Baldwin’s personality and celebrity step in to save the day.

As you must know by now, Baldwin had a run in with a New York Daily News photographer the other day as he was leaving the Manhattan marriage license bureau. Of course, the newspaper has been playing this up like crazy for the past two days. And Baldwin’s spokesperson Matthew Hiltzik was busy putting out a statement that makes it clear the actor was merely defending himself.

But it’s Baldwin who has managed to tamp down any serious publicity problems stemming from the incident.

With a new movie to promote, Woody Allen’s When In Rome, Baldwin was meant to do a couple of interviews before the blow up. On Charlie Rose he was able to give his side of the story, which then got additional play on CBS This Morning. And again on David Letterman’s Late Night he was able to talk about the incident. This time, sans pants.

“In this business in the modern era… we make appointments with the press,” Baldwin told Charlie Rose. “When I walk out the door, that’s over.” It’s a point he also made with Letterman.

Of course, not all of Baldwin’s words have been quite so eloquent. But the man is a character, as he demonstrated on Letterman, as he shows on 30 Rock, and as we can see when he’s not in a pot of boiling controversy.

The photographer Marcus Santos also gave his side of the story on GMA today. And the New York Press Club has expressed their opposition to Baldwin’s treatment of Santos another member of the media who had a run-in with Baldwin’s bike. But there’s one more thing that Baldwin has going for him: the generalized distaste for paparazzi tactics.

In a new documentary coming soon, Sellebrity, we get an eyeful of some of the tactics that these photographers use to get their shots. We can accept that being famous comes with a certain amount of exposure to one’s private life. But there are many who see this situation as one where a guy is trying to enjoy a special day and see the excessive intrusiveness of a celebrity snapshot taker.

Plus, people think Alec Baldwin is hilarious and absolutely love Jack Donaghy.

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