Lady Gaga, Olivia Wilde, Amy Poehler Urge Americans To #GetCovered With Obamacare [PICS]

A handful of famous faces have taken to Twitter over the past two days to spread awareness of the recently launched Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

While Americans surged to enroll on Tuesday, the website itself suffered several technical problems. Still, celebrities like Lady Gaga, Olivia Wilde, Amy Poehler and Pharrell are hoping that their star power will encourage their Twitter followers to sign up despite the glitches.

Some celebrities decided that the way to go was selfies. Each made a homemade sign telling people to #GetCovered, and tweeted a pic of themselves holding it to their millions of followers.

So far, we’ve seen Lady Gaga (40,000,000 followers), Olivia Wilde (1,130,000 followers), Amy Poehler (30,000 followers) and Pharrell (2,315,000 followers) tweet their support for Americans to check out Obamacare. Between them, they boast more than 43,500,000 followers – so you can bet the message is getting out there.

Other celebrities from all corners of American pop culture tweeted their support of Obamacare as well, including actor Julian Morris, musician Janelle Monae, Sarah Silverman, Mia Farrow, Lance Bass of NSYNC, Alyssa Milano and singer John Legend. Many of them were encouraging their young adult followers to educate themselves on the options now available to them in terms of health care coverage.

Take a look at some more of the celeb endorsements of Obamacare below:

(Cover image via Olivia Wilde/Twitter; Images via Lady Gaga/Twitter, Amy Poehler/Twitter)

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