Celebrities, Design and Magazine Ads Don’t Mix


On this Thanksgiving day, we know you’re spending most of your time thinking about all that you’re thankful for. And we know that you truly do appreciate our regular, often booze-fueled rants, so we thought we’d give you a little one, on the quick, as our way of saying “Thanks for your thanks.” Anyway, so first up comes the news that Julia Roberts has teamed up with Armani to design an AIDS awareness bracelet to be sold for nearly $200 in the company’s stores.

The bohemian-style leather bracelets, which she showed the world during yesterday’s appearance on Oprah, come in red for women and brown for men. They go on sale…on World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, and proceeds benefit (PRODUCT) RED, the business initiative started by Bono and Bobby Shriver to fight AIDS in Africa.

A bracelet?! Really?! We have the most wonderful picture in our heads right now of a scene where Roberts says this: “I’ve got an idea here, and I’m just throwing it out here, so feel free to say no, but what if it wraps around your wrist? Like in a circle?” Also, when did we, as a nation, decide bracelets were so meaningful? The ribbons are bad enough, but at least they’ve got that Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree connection. Mark this writer’s words: if you’re caught wearing one of these on the street, we’re going to give you a really mean look. Like, really super mean.

Second, a new series of ads for Conde Nast have come out featuring celebrities fawning over magazines whose pages are largely filled fawning over celebrities. While the ads themselves are well shot and beautifully art directed, the whole thing just reeks of desperation and makes us queasy when we start thinking how incredibly meta the whole thing is. If we later see an ad with a celebrity looking at these ads, we will start saying our prayers because we know the world is about to explode from too much meta.

Whew. That’s all. Have a great Thanksgiving.