Celebrities Consider Vanity Fair’s Ass Kissing Not Good Enough Anymore

Actors and actresses — people who are paid millions to read what someone else has written for them while playing pretend — are upset with Vanity Fair. Apparently the magazine’s ass kissing just hasn’t been up to snuff lately, and so some Hollywood big shots are refusing to cooperate on articles.

It started with Gwyneth Paltrow, who was so mad about a planned Vanity Fair article that she emailed friends asking them not to speak with anyone from the magazine. The New York Times reports that her move has led to even more pushback. “Everyone grovels to Graydon [Carter] and other writers there and covets invitations to their parties,” Leslee Dart, a publicist for Tom Hanks and others, told the Times. “I don’t think people care the way they used to anymore. It’s not important to them to grovel as they once did.”

Well hey, that’s great. No one wants actors to grovel. God forbid they have to do something uncomfortable. However, getting upset over a handful of slightly critical articles when the vast majority are mere puff pieces is ridiculous.

Carter, to his credit, brushed off the Vanity Fair hate. “In any given week, I can expect to hear from a disgruntled subject in Hollywood, Washington, or on Wall Street,” said Vanity Fair’s editor, in a statement to the Times. “That’s the nature of the beast.”

The post has been updated to indicate that Carter’s statement was recent, not last year as was previously written.