Celebrate Life, Laundry and the Pursuit of Happiness with Samsung's Moms Like Us

At first when I read about the PR, I thought to myself, they got to be kidding me? I mean, can you really imagine a social networking site for Washers and Dryers by Samsung? But it’s true. Moms Like Us pays tribute to life, laundry and the pursuit of happiness. And through Samsung’s various washers and dryers, Moms who used them are given a social networking of their own to share the secrets and the happiness in their pursuit of cleanliness.

I tell you, Moms Like Us is not just your usual social networking site. Samsung made sure that the site is fused with rich features. And these include; sweepstakes where members can win a Washer and Dryer set of their own, post and respond to messages, , create their own groups, and most importantly take part in building the Samsung’s Laundry-Pedia – an encyclopedia of laundry tips. How cool is that?

Moms Like Us also features four “Samsung Moms” who are among a group of families that were given with their own free Samsung Washer and Dryer. These four Moms will give their thoughts and user experiences in using Samsung’s Washer and Dryer.

Interestingly, Moms Like Us also feature a blog posts from Ree, who was a wife of a rugged cattle rancher and the mother of four children and lives on a cattle ranch somewhere. Moms Like Us, describe Ree as a modern mom who fits this era of social networking.

What some more features of Moms Like Us? Thankfully, that’s pretty much about it.