Reporters Ride Cedar Point’s Massive New Roller Coaster

The Valravn hashtag is #dare2dive.

Many will argue that being a reporter theses days is like riding a roller coaster. On Wednesday, that notion was doubly true for an assortment of northern Ohio media types.


Per today’s Sandusky Register front page, Melissa Topey was among those who attended the media preview of Cedar Point’s gravity-busting Valravn attraction. In her seat row when she took the ride was Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet and Jeff Putz, co-publisher of Cedar Point-focused website Point Buzz:

Putz had already rode Valravn twice. As we walked off the ride, he shared his thoughts.

“It is fantastic, it exceeds expectations. The forces on it are unexpected,” he said. “The roll at the end of the second dive was unexpected. I love the way you float through it.”

Putz’s subsequent written review can be found here. Per the “Countdown” ticker embedded to Topey’s front-page report, the imminent arrival of Valravn is big news in the region.

Today, a special “First Rider” event is being held at the park, benefitting the LeBron James Family Foundation. The so-called “dive coaster,” one which in this case stops at the top for four excruciating seconds before taking riders on a 75 miles per hour, 223-foot drop, was built by Swiss firm Bolliger & Mabillard. Valravn is Cedar Point’s 18th roller coaster and holds ten impressive structural records.

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