CEA: Mobile Users Want GPS, Web, E-Mail

driver_texting_3_5.jpgA new consumer research study from the Consumer Electronics Association found that the most in-demand features for new phones are navigation, e-mail and Internet access. Cell phone makers better make sure to keep up with demand because the research also shows that 40% of US adults are planning to buy a new phone within the year.

Additionally, only 11% of those surveyed currently own a smartphone, but the CEA expects that number to grow as more consumers look for devices that can play music and video.

Already, smartphone shipments made up 15% of total handset sales in the US last year, according to CEA estimates.

The report, “Wireless Phone Data and Entertainment Services (February 2008)” is available for free to CEA member companies. Non-members can buy it for $699 from www.ebrain.com.