Announces Improvements to NCAA March Madness on Demand made an announcement Monday that is sure to thrill workers and irritate bosses equally: The site, CBS Sports and the NCAA detailed several upgrades to the NCAA March Madness on Demand video player, which will offer every game of the 2010 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship tipping off Thursday, March 18 (the first-round game Tuesday, March 16, often referred to as the “play-in game,” is not included).

New features for the upcoming tournament include the ability for viewers using the high-quality video player to watch picture-in-picture highlights of ongoing action inside a live video stream, the ability (both in the standard-quality and high-quality players) to show statistical overlays on top of live video action, and an improved “Boss Button” image that will appear should users need to hide the video and silence the audio.

CBS Sports and CBS News president Sean McManus said:

It’s been amazing to watch the growth of NCAA March Madness on Demand since we first offered the product in 2003. Quite simply, it’s become the annual event for sports fans on the Internet and a perfect complement to the CBS Sports broadcast of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.

NCAA senior vice president for basketball and business strategies Greg Shaheen added:

March Madness on Demand has consistently been one of the most successful online sports applications in the world when you consider the quality of the product, the upgrades to the program from year-to-year, and the increased viewership each season. We work with and CBS Sports to deliver the highest-standard video stream for our NCAA basketball fan base. If our audiences are unable to attend the tournament in person, March Madness on Demand offers them an attractive, easily accessible alternative for watching the games in the highest quality we’ve ever delivered online.

And senior VP and general manager Jason Kint concluded:

The upgrades and improvements has made to NCAA Madness on Demand in 2010 will provide for an incredible online viewing experience. Our goal has always been to give NCAA basketball fans access to all of the games on all platforms — TV, online, and mobile — and through that process, we’ve built one of the largest streaming events in the world.