CBS’s Reynolds: “Asinine”?

CBS’s Dean Reynolds received a lot of attention for his Drudge-linked blog post about the rough conditions aboard Obama’s campaign plane.

True? Not so, says Radar:

    Anyway, obviously one of the hot topics of the day was whiny-whinerpuss Dean Reynolds, the Chicago correspondent for CBS, who bitched about waiting on the tarmac and the Obama plane being SMELLY on his blog. Says Cox, “When I overheard some reporters this morning comparing how many hotel points they had racked up (‘One more Hilton stay and I’ll be Diamond level’), I shivered with rage at that guy all over again.” Still: “Every other reporter I talk to thinks the the column was asinine.”

    One correspondent told Cox that when she started a new job, with an international assignment, “her manager took her aside and said something like, ‘Now, this is going be difficult and exhausting (no sleep, foreign locations, etc), but I never want to hear you complain, because everyone at home thinks you have the best job in the world.’ She said that she tries to remember that every time she wants to complain. And I said, ‘And I’ll think of Dean Reynolds.’ One of our colleagues quoted McCain’s story about getting his bracelet from the gold star mom: ‘It’s a reminder of why we’re fighting, etc.’ So I’m thinking of getting a bracelet with Dean Reynolds’ name on it.”