Columnist Catches Up with ‘Facebook Pastor’

As part of her “On the Scene” duties, LA based contributor Shira Lazar blogs a weekly series of uplifting profiles under the moniker “Inspired Nation.” Today’s entry features a Q&A with Atlanta man of God Shaun King (pictured), also known as the “Facebook Pastor.”

Last year, in the wake of the Haiti earthquake, King launched, a campaign that partners with celebrities to raise money for island reconstruction efforts. Social media plays a critical role in the organization’s campaigns, right down to the way TwitChange defines an autograph. Explains King:

Since we launched in September our campaigns have received over 45 million hits and several million tweets. In our auctions, fans do not bid on classic items like autographs, but they bid on what we think is kind of like a modern day autograph – a tweet from their favorite celebrity – and all of the proceeds go to charity.

King is also presently working with Pittsburgh Steelers defensive star Troy Polamalu to raise emergency aid funds for active and retired U.S. soldiers. He ends the interview by sharing a favorite quote from Martin Luther King Jr., a fellow alum of Morehouse College: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”