CBSNews.Com and Partner Up

Okay, so let’s have a refresher course on all the partnerships we’ve seen recently and we’ll let you figure out how they don’t affect each other.

CQ & NYTimes


Politico and CBS

Politico and WTOP

NBC & NYTimes

USAToday and ABC News

HuffPo and Slate

CQ and Yahoo

Slate and Washington Post

Washington Post and MSNBC

The Hill and Capitol Hill Broadcasting Network


ABC and the Washington Post

Politico and CNN

NBC & National Journal

Politico and MSNBC

Politico and USA Today

(what are we missing?)

Anyway, here’s the latest: and, the award-winning news and information Web sites, today announced a content-sharing partnership for coverage of the 2008 Presidential campaigns. The news organizations, both known for their rich political reporting, will leverage the best of their campaign coverage to take readers deep inside the race for the White House.

    Under the terms of the agreement, and will share political content throughout the duration of the 2008 Presidential campaign. will feature the most compelling video coverage from CBS News correspondents, producers and off-air reporters while news, analysis and commentary from the Washington Post’s renowned political reporters and columnists will appear on Each site will promote the partnership by linking to the other’s political coverage.

    The partnership will provide readers the opportunity to engage with each news organization’s reporters and correspondents, who will jointly participate in live chats and other online activities.