CBS Pushes Harper’s Island with Mobile Campaign

Mobile Marketer Daily reports that CBS has launched a mobile marketing campaign for Harper’s Island, a 13-episode miniseries that debuted earlier this week.
Powered by Apptera’s MobileAd Xchange, the campaign is running on AOL’s Moviefone, and the HeyCosmo Blaster social planning service. On the movie ticket service lines, only folks calling in for info on films in the same genre as Harper’s Island will hear an ad for the series.
Additionally, mobile consumers can opt-in to receive a weekly Apptera Buzzz Alert reminding them when it’s time to go watch that week’s episode.
The limited-run series is a murder mystery that follows a group of people who head to a secluded island for a weeklong wedding celebration. Naturally, murder and mayhem ensue.
[Image courtesy of Mobile Marketer Daily]