CBS News for Android

CBS News has joined the growing news segment of the Android Market with a free application. The program displays news articles from the CBS News web site, and includes political, entertainment, sports, and business news. You will not only find written articles and pictures, but also video segments from CBS News shows. Many of the videos are short, five minute segments, but the entire 20 minutes of the Evening News is available and plays very well on the Nexus One.

The program also incorporates CBS’ social media efforts, with blogs included as a section along with all of the news categories. Several reporters, such as Katie Couric, and shows such as 60 Minutes use Twitter, and their tweets are also available in a separate section. Each of the Twitter profiles in the CBS News app has a Follow button that you can use to add that profile to those that you follow in your Twitter account. The Twitter section also has a Trends section that displays a tag cloud of certain news trends that you can tap to display.

Over all I think that CBS did a great job with the CBS News application for Android. Based on a cursory scan of the News section of the Android Market, CBS is the only major TV news network to have an Android application.