CBS’ New Digital Chief: ‘Light Up’ And Leave Me A Phone


PaidContent interviews CBS’ new digital honcho, Quincy Smith, and asks why he’s bullish on them. Aside from heaping praise on outgoing chief Larry Kramer, Smith proposes a couple of intriguing, even “radical” ideas:

  • They are the #1 outdoor ad company, he says, so “What if we put routers on every sign and WiFi enabled cities faster than any municipality could?”
  • They probably won’t right away start sending ads to cellphones from those billboards. “Not everybody likes their phones lit up every time they walk across the block so these are the kinds of things we need to think about is that subtle balance. People should be having more access to our content but at the same time not in such a way that it bothers or distracts them.”
  • He also touches on M&A (though surprisingly little there, considering he’s a finance guy: “There’s no real way to define a small deal anymore, particularly in this market.”), how smart he thinks they were to not sue YouTube, and the need to make all video portable, doing deals, and, of course, Google and the competition.

  • Interview: Quincy Smith, President, CBS Interactive []