CBS Mobile Citizen Journalism Experiment Goes Awry

Recently CBS launched an iPhone app called Eyemobile that lets users become citizen journalists, making it easy for folks to upload news to its user-generated news site, However, AdAge reports that things aren’t going exactly as planned. We’ll just quote this to make it easy:

“Karl Johnson, chief operating officer of BrandContent, a Boston-based agency, uploaded the app last night and saw a picture of a young woman bent over her kitchen stove, her skirt hiked up. Later he saw video of three women performing sexual acts on one another.” The best part: Google is advertising on the clips via AdMob.

“This seems to be a classic case of nobody paying attention to whether any of the materials are newsworthy or not,” Mr. Johnson said in the article. “Looks to me like Facebook run amok, but even Facebook has a moderator.”

The report said that CBS does have a moderator, but something is obviously amiss in the checks and balances system. “We’ve been posting user-generated content since April, and this is the first known incident along these lines,” a CBS spokesman said in the article. “It was removed promptly and we will redouble our efforts in this regard.”