CBS Interactive Pulls Plug on Third-Party Ad Networks

CBSInteractiveLogo.jpgThe party is over for third-party ad networks at CBS Interactive, as the company will announce Monday that it will sell its online inventory on its own, reported. added that CBS Interactive is the largest Web entity to cut off third-party networks, with more than 60 million monthly unique visitors, according to comScore.

The company will launch its own internal ad network to service advertisers seeking demographics or remnant display advertising across its sites, telling its internal ad-serving platform, Madison, can handle those duties.

CBS Interactive CEO Neil Ashe told

We are prepared to take a step back on revenue if we have to, but over time, we will monetize at a much better rate than ad networks do. What we are careful not to do is to open our inventory to third parties that may have data interests not aligned with our own. CEO Andy Atherton offered his take on the move by CBS Interactive, telling

If you want to do something cool with a publisher, then buy directly. If you’re buying standard media, networks offer a more efficient way to transact, regardless of your objective.