Twitter Leads To Bad Acting In New Episode Of "The Good Wife"

“The Good Wife”, a relatively new CBS drama which looks absolutely horrendous, has used Twitter as the basis for one of their upcoming episodes. The video is pretty hilarious (embedded below). Episode promotion opens: cue dramatic music as voice over states “Alicia is sleeping with her boss and using him to get promoted”. This is something that was posted to one of the show’s character’s Twitter accounts.

Next clip: show character states “There’s anonymous Twitter account saying things about Alicia … some of them are true” as they cut to a man who looks extremely perplexed who replies, “Let’s find out about these tweets” in a dramatic tone. I’ll leave the bad acting to the actors who are in the video below. While Twitter could be cleverly integrated into a television show episode, this is the first time we’ve seen an entire drama episode based on the popular micro-blogging service.

Thanks to Matt Van Hoven at AgencySpy for letting us know about this brand new “twama” (can I make up that word?). This is bad acting at its finest.