CBS, Don Imus Near Settlement

don-imus.gifPeter Lauria reports in today’s Post that Don Imus and CBS have agreed to a buyout, but both are dragging their feet over the pricetag in order to maintain leverage in other negotiations. CBS is in discussions with Boomer Esiason to take over Imus’ morning slot and, according to Lauria, “From Imus’ perspective, word of a settlement would remove what little leverage he might have in job negotiations with other broadcasters.”

On the subject of Imus, Al Sharpton, who played a major role in the firing, told the AP last week, “He has a right to make a living”:

Though CBS boss Les Moonves has repeatedly stated that Imus won’t be returning to the company, one source said that door hasn’t been shut entirely. While a settlement is most likely, CBS is trying to have it both ways with the source saying the company is “looking to retain an option to do something with Imus over the next few months so they can match any other offers he might get.”

A July 16th Page Six item has Imus show regular Bo Dietl telling Post editor Fred Dicker, “I’m not supposed to say, but … if he was to be coming back, I would look to September.”

— Ron Mwangaguhunga


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