CBS’ Big Brother Producers ‘Did Nothing Obvious’ To Stop Contestant’s Violent Threats Against Female


We don’t find any profound enjoyment in piling on how trashy reality television has become — we’re still desperately trying to forget the public enema that occured on VH1’s Flavor of Love 2 — but, seriously, where’s the bottom?

As Nikki Finke reports in this week’s L.A. Weekly:

This week marked a Reality TV milestone: Los Angeles restaurateur Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin threatened violence against one of the female houseguests on CBS’s Big Brother All-Stars and the show’s producers did nothing obvious to stop it. According to the live feeds of the final-four showdown pitting two ‘hos’ against two ‘bros’ (their billing, not mine), Boogie made an obscenity-laced pledge to turn into a wild animal against cocktail waitress Janelle Pierzina if she used the all-important Power of Veto against his partner-in-reality, Will ‘Dr. Evil’ Kirby, a Playa Vista dermatologist. ‘If she votes you out,’ he told his pal, ‘I’ll shit in her face. I’ll piss on her face right there on the block on TV.’

OK, then.

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