CBGB’s Owner Says He Will Move Club To Vegas When Lease Expires In October


The legendary rock venue’s owner, Hilly Kristal, says he will pack up — stickers, urinals and all — and move to Las Vegas when his Bowery lease expires on October 31, and will reopen there early next year.

Via Metro:

Kristal said he was still looking for space in New York, but everything’s been too expensive. “I looked at a space on Second Avenue that was 2,005 square feet. They were asking $11,000 a month. This place is 14,000 square feet.” Kristal has to move following a rent dispute with his landlord, the Bowery Residents’ Mission, a nonprofit homeless organization. The city offered to help him find a space and pointed him to a vacant Essex Street Market building on the Lower East Side, but the renovations were prohibitively expensive.

Vegas beckons as there’s no room in New York for CBGB [Metro]