‘Caversham Lock’ and ‘Caversham Road’ are Today’s Free eBooks

Today’s free eBook offer is actually for two free books – both of which are a part of a three book series from author Michael Stewart Conway’s Furnivall and Stubbs series. Today is the final day for the free double download, so if you like these stories, you should invest in the final novel to complete the three part series.

Caversham Lock (Free November 7, 2013)

When a parcel containing a dead baby is pulled from the Thames, detectives Furnivall and Stubbs are sent to deal with the matter. They investigate at breakneck speed- it is 1896, after all, and they have all the advantages of the modern world to help them. Using microscopes, the rail network and the telegraph, they identify the culprits- a Mrs Dyer and her daughter, Polly. Even as they close in, Mrs Dyer has been back to Caversham Lock with another victim. By the time the two women are arrested there are seven little bodies in the mortuary at Reading. Each has Mrs Dyer’s trademark white dressmaker’s tape around its neck.

The case doesn’t work out as planned, however, and they’re forced to travel to the west country. Despite being under strict orders to return to Reading, they set an ambush on the Clifton Suspension Bridge. But a storm is rolling in, and there is another man in Bristol – a man from the Home Office sent to clean up his superiors’ mistakes.

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Caversham Road (Free November 7, 2013)

When a young woman is found dead on an allotment early one morning in 1900, Furnivall and Stubbs are summoned to the scene. She is lying on her back, fully dressed in undamaged clothes, and yet somehow she has bled to death. A monster has come to stay in a slightly run- down suburb in a small town at the heart of Queen Victoria’s Empire. The investigation will take them into the world of hard- headed criminal business as well as to the heart of one man’s madness.

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Caversham House ($.99)

Furnivall and Stubbs have better things to do when Sir Balfour Campbell’s painting goes missing- especially since Sir Balfour admits the picture is essentially worthless. But Reggie Maltby, the cook’s son, is also missing and a familiar face turns up somewhere he shouldn’t be. Then a body turns up, and the painting is not what it appeared to be and it seems Stubbs will have to swallow his distaste and spend some time in Paris. And Mr Furnivall will have to learn to fly.


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