Cautious Optimism for the Darwin Center Building

0912blob.jpg As we briefly reported on the other day, it now seems like Pentagram might have their work cut out for them on helping bring the Natural History Museum‘s new Darwin Center Building to a fine polish before it opens a year from now, as the building has already received some cautious press by way of Financial Times critic, Edwin Heathcoate, who thinks the building looks like “a blob in a cage.” But, before you see that as a negative, the critic actually means that as something of a positive (in some strange way we can’t quite wrap our heads around just yet). Heathcoate likes what he’s see of the building thus far, but he worries that it doesn’t mean anything or work very with the exhibits themselves. Along the way, he uses the building as an example of how modern architecture sometimes loses its way, getting lost in its self-obsession and not its primary purpose. It’s an interesting, very early critique and we’ll be curious to see how the whole thing turns out when they finally open their doors (and to see what Heathcoate’s reaction is then).