Causes Continues Strong Growth Into This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Apps by MAU

Venerable philanthropic app Causes has put in a second week of gains to head this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by monthly active users. Although the app has topped 30 million MAU in the past — it’s now at 21 million — this is the first time it has shown a consistent climb past 20 million MAU in several months.

Here’s the full list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1.Original Causes21,113,584+3,293,608+18%
2.Original Quiz Planet13,819,724+2,400,820+21%
3.Original Marketplace5,206,432+2,193,390+73%
4.App_2_119866041395334_6883 It Girl2,377,021+1,826,614+332%
5.Original Phrases35,014,103+1,509,053+5%
6.App_2_51254684277_9914 Friend Facts™2,940,183+1,409,441+92%
7.Original Give Hearts10,177,014+1,335,530+15%
8.Original Frases Diarias6,372,734+1,123,502+21%
9.Original FarmVille62,352,754+1,079,776+2%
10.Original Millionaire City8,447,317+1,015,897+14%
11.App_2_150710571614842_5901 Pop Boom1,555,748+898,203+137%
12.Original Happy Pets9,418,437+895,938+11%
13.Original Café World20,829,079+879,539+4%
14.Original Happy Aquarium12,581,006+868,026+7%
15.Original Birthday Calendar8,035,696+849,722+12%
16.Original Texas HoldEm Poker35,398,710+829,450+2%
17.Original Are YOU Interested?8,886,903+817,814+10%
18.Original iHeart12,990,192+776,712+6%
19.Original BandPage by RootMusic4,880,817+764,047+19%
20.App_2_114335335255741_9738 City of Wonder10,709,004+690,514+7%

Following Causes’ 3.3 million MAU gain, Quiz Planet has added a respectable 2.4 million. This CrowdStar app isn’t growing alone; the games It Girl, Pop Boom, Happy Pets and Happy Aquarium are all from the same developer. We’ll cover what’s happening with these and other games this morning over at Inside Social Games.

Marketplace, like Causes, hasn’t showed up in a while. Although it’s Facebook’s standard-issue auction app, it lost users steadily since a big gain due to sweepstakes earlier this year. Its current growth could be explained by a bump in email marketing.

Phrases, Friend Facts™, Give Hearts and Frases Diarias are all apps we might have expected to stop gaining users so quickly after Facebook’s Tuesday changes to feeds and virality — but they’re still growing as reliably as ever (the four often show up on our lists). It may take several weeks to judge the true effects of the changes.

Finally, BandPage by RootMusic is still on its way up; the custom-Page utility for bands is on the verge of hitting five million MAU.